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The visit of the abbey

Discover the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel during a commented stroll and let yourself tell the millennial history of this historic monument building. During a guided tour of the abbey, admire one of the jewels of the architecture of the Middle Ages.

Mont Saint-Michel and its bay

Discover the hidden treasures of Mont Saint-Michel and its bay during a restful and rewarding stay. What would you say to go on the beach at low tide on foot or on horseback, collect shellfish with family, hike around Mont Saint-Michel and until the island of Trombelaine, and enjoy the good iodized air of this unique eco-system in the world. We invite you to an invigorating, cultural and gastronomic stay on the edge of one of the most beautiful and impressive natural bays. Thanks to the group La Mère Poulard, stay for a weekend or several days on the edge of one of the most beautiful sites in France. The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel opens its arms to you.

Mont Saint-Michel Museums

Not to be missed! Informative, captivating and varied, the visit of the four museums of Mont Saint-Michel raises the veil of the great characters, the mysteries, the secrets and the legends of this unique place in the world. Discover the mysterious history of Mont Saint-Michel through the visit of its museums:
-The Historical Museum of Mont Saint-Michel traces the great epochs of "the Marvel".
-The Maritime museum recalls that Mont Saint-Michel has again become an island thanks to the great project of sand ladders of its bay.
-the historic residence of the Knight of Guesclin, one of the colorful characters of our history.
-the archeoscope which in a few minutes reveals the mysterious history of Mont Saint-Michel these museums will perfectly complement your visit to Mont Saint-Michel.

Tours and Excursions

Enjoy your stay at Mont Saint-Michel to explore the region rich in cultural and gastronomic heritage.

The magnificent landscapes of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, the channel and Brittany will leave you an imperishable memory.


A few kilometers from Mont Saint Michel, the town of Avranches is famous for its Museum of the manuscripts of Mont Saint Michel.

You can see a very pleasant garden of plants located at the level of the estuary of the Sée, facing Mont Saint Michel; A splendid panorama of the Avranches can be admired.


Enjoy your stay at Mont Saint Michel to visit the Emerald Coast. Take the road that runs along the Bay of Mont Saint Michel towards the fishing port of Cancale.

This charming village is famous for its oysters. From its Corniche you can have a magnificent view of Mont Saint Michel and the Pointe du snout.

The islet of Tombelaine

A granitic islet, placed in the middle of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel. The Tombelaine islet is accessible at low tide. A hike to this piece of granite allows to discover the fauna and flora of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel and to have an original viewpoint on "The Wonder"


One of the top places of Brittany is a few kilometers from Mont Saint Michel. Enjoy your stay at Mont Saint Michel for a full day exploring Saint-Malo, the Corsair city.

The great project of Mont Saint-Michel

During your visit or stay at Mont Saint-Michel, you will have the opportunity to admire the architectural work of the dike-Pont that connects the continent to the famous rock.

The great Figures of Mont Saint-Michel

Three great figures have marked the history of Mont Saint-Michel and symbolize the essential values of spirituality, courage and hospitality: the Archangel Saint-Michel, the Chevalier Bertrand du Guesclin and the mother Poulard.

The beautiful Story
of Mother Poulard

We will tell you the wonderful story of Mother Poulard.

Text from the book "The Cookbooks of Mother Poulard at Mont Saint-Michel since 1888". Author: Eric Vannier.

What a path traveled by the young Annette from the small house in the center of France where she was born!

The kitchen of the mother Poulard

Annette Poulard's Kitchen was

« ... Good simply cooked products, taste and colors.
This was a significant evolution of the bourgeois cuisine of the time, often heavy and loaded in sauce. The cuisine of Mother Poulard was a light, savoury terroir cuisine inspired by the riches of the bay between Normandy and Brittany... »

Culinary Tradition of Mother Poulard at Mont Saint-Michel

130 years ago The story of Mother Poulard began. In 1888, Annette Poulard opened her hostel in Mont Saint-Michel to welcome the pilgrims and give them some warmth by preparing them an omelette cooked in wood fire whose recipe has lasted since then.

The biscuits of Mother Poulard at Mont Saint-Michel

Take advantage of your stay at Mont Saint-Michel to discover the famous biscuits of mother Poulard that you can buy in the shops la mère Poulard located intramuros, or in the hotels and restaurants of the group La mère Poulard.

Join mother Poulard on social networks

For all the fans of Mother Poulard, you can join her activity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and discover or rediscover the fabulous gourmet recipes of Annette Poulard who have made the reputation of the famous institution of Mont Saint-Michel.

The cookbooks of Mother Poulard

Discover the video tracing the story of Annette Poulard with an interview with Eric Vannier director of the group Mother Poulard

The hotels of Mont Saint-Michel

Whether for a weekend visit, a nature or sport getaway, a cultural discovery with the family, you will find your happiness by coming to Mont Saint-Michel. The Second most visited site in France, and enshrined in UNESCO's cultural heritage, Mont Saint-Michel is full of activities to discover. And there are so many things to do and see, that a 2-day stay will not be enough.

Baptism of the air at Mont Saint Michel

Would you like to spice up your stay at the hotel? Treat yourself to a flight in ULM, balloon or helicopter, and discover the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel from the sky!

Visit of the ramparts and the village of Mont Saint-Michel

During your visit to Mont Saint-Michel and after a good lunch at the Auberge de La Mère Poulard, go for a stroll in the village and on the ramparts of Mont Saint-Michel.

Article "The Second Life of Mother Poulard" Slate – April 29, 2018

2018 marks the 130th anniversary of the creation of the Auberge de la Mère Poulard, located within Mont Saint-Michel. In the book "The Cookbooks of Mother Poulard", Eric Vannier, tells the story of Mont Saint-Michel, and, through his childhood memories, the life of Annette Poulard.

Article on the book homage of Éric Vannier to mother Poulard at Mont Saint-Michel Actu – April 25, 2018

In his book "The Cookbooks of Mother Poulard", Eric Vannier, child of the country, honorary mayor of Mont Saint Michel and owner of the brand mother Poulard, tells the history of the famous cook.

Autumn at Mont Saint-Michel

In the fall, how about a revitalising weekend? Come and discover, as a family, all the activities and animations possible at Mont Saint-Michel.
Whether it is for a sports weekend at the seaside, or a break discovered at the meeting of the works of the famous mount, you will always find our promotional offers the mother Poulard.

Article the cross on Mother Poulard-06 April 2018

Annette Poulard's generosity has been around the world since the inauguration in 1888 of her hostel in Mont Saint-Michel.
In his book, Eric Vannier, returns to the beautiful story of this young cook coming from Nevers, who after being in the service of a famous architect of the historical monuments of France, then followed him right on the Mont Saint-Michel.

The Dean of the Alpes Maritimes visits Mont-Saint-Michel

It was 111 years since the Dean of the Alpes Maritimes visited this week (from March 18 to 20) Mont-Saint-Michel. Maryse Lancioni dreamed for years to see with her own eyes the 8th wonder of the world and the immense Bay of the rock.